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Archival Printing

I can provide professional quality archival inkjet prints of your artwork and photography (film or digital). Whether your project is photographic or consists of traditional or digital artwork, you will find the quality of these prints to be exceptional.

Quality Materials Reflect the Quality of the Image

The finest materials (Canon's Lucia PRO Ink and professional archival papers) provide long-lasting color stability from 70-200+ years in all sizes up to 24" on the short side, with two workflow options.


For photographic prints, high quality Inpress Lustre and Pro Silky papers are used, with arich, vibrant colours and a traditional photographic E-style lustre surface.


Specialized Papers are Also Available

For those desiring alternatives to the traditional papers, an exhibition fibre based paper is available at a premium price.


For matte and fine art prints (both photographic and reproduction), there are a wide range of options, with hot press and watercolour papers being popular. Regardless of the paper type, only 100% cotton base with no OBA (optical brighting agents) are used, to ensure the greatest print longevity.


Due to the range of options, please ask for a quote, and allow for time time to bring in the desired papers (1-3 weeks).


Print It Your Way:

Option #1: Print Ready Files Supplied for Printing

Price does not not include image preparation or proofing, but provides quality prints at economic rates. Images may be picked up 24 hours after notification of completion.


Have It Prepared for Printing by Me:

Option #2: Original/Unfinished Files Supplied for Finishing & Printing

Price includes consultation, image preparation, 1 image proof (additional proofs $5.00) and the final print(s). All prints after the first are at the Option #1 fee (i.e. $40 for two prints up to 8"x10"). Images may be picked up 24 hours after notification of completion.

Image Size                  Option #1 Fee                                                  Option #2 Fee

up to 8"x10"                $10.00 / $7.50 (10+) / $6.00 (25+)                                 $30.00

up to 10"x16"              $20.00 / $15.00 (10+) / $12.00 (25+)                            $40.00 

up to 16"x20"              $25.00 / $20.00 (10+) / $15.00 (25+)                            $50.00 

up to 16"x40"              $50.00 / $40.00 (10+) / $30.00 (25+)                            $75.00 

up to 22"x22"              $40.00 / $30.00 (10+) / $20.00 (25+)                            $60.00 

up to 22"x40"              $60.00 / $50.00 (10+) / $40.00 (25+)                            $90.00 

Please e-mail with the details about your printing needs, and I will be happy to assist, providing you the process to submit your files, and a timeline for the completion of the prints.

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