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Film and Artwork Digitization  Services

With eight years experience producing photographic reproductions for the Nova Scotia Archives, over twenty years of experience digitizing a wide variety of film formats, and more than 25 years of working with artists in a variety of creative disciplines, I have the equipment, experience and skills to provide you with the best quality digital reproductions of your original artwork, historic documents, or family photographs.

Film Digitization

Using a custom design, 3D printed digitization system, I provide affordable, top quality digitization for film formats (positive, negative, colour & black and white) from 35mm up to 6x12cm. I can also digitize 4"x5" and 8"x10" film.


All orders have a $25 minimum fee

35mm & 120 (~40+ mp RAW unprocessed)                        $1/image

4"x5" (~240mb 16-bit TIFF, unprocessed)                           $4/image

8"x10" (~240mb 16-bit TIFF, unprocessed)                         $6/image

Basic Processing (16-bit TIFF)                                                Add $1.50/image

Full Processing (16-bit TIFF)                                                   Add $6.00/image

Fine art & Photographic Print Digitization

For the smallest originals, often the easiest reproduction is via scanning, using a high-resolution Microteck Scanmaker i900.


For artwork larger than 10"X16", and all three dimensional artwork, professional studio lighting and a digital camera (45mp resolution) are used to ensure the appropriate lighting and best colour reproduction are achieved. For images larger than 36" on the long side, a suitable space, ideally 5m wide x 3+m deep is required.


All digital reproduction uses Xrite ColorChecker technology to ensure accurate colour reproduction.

Fine art And Photographic Print Digitization Services

Digital reproductions of 2D & 2D Artwork


Original up to 4"x6" (4 minimum)                                 $1.50

Original up to 9"x 16" (2D scan)                                    $5.00

Larger Original (over 8.5"x14") Set-up Fee                  $120.00

3D & Original up to 36"                                                   $7.50

3D & Original up to 72"                                                   $10.00

3D & Original larger than 72"                                         By quotation

Mileage outside of Urban HR                                         $0.80/km

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