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Film and Artwork Digitization  Services

With eight years experience producing photographic reproductions for the Nova Scotia Archives, over twenty years of experience digitizing a wide variety of film formats, and more than 25 years of working with artists in a variety of creative disciplines, I have the equipment, experience and skills to provide you with the best quality digital reproductions of your slides or negatives, original artwork, historic documents, or family photographs.

Film Digitization

Using a custom designed, 45mp 3D printed digitization system, I provide affordable, top quality digitization for film formats (positive, negative, colour & black and white) from 35mm up to 6x12cm. I can also digitize 4"x5" and 8"x10" film. Basic digitization provides highest quality unprocessed RAW files, while additional Basic and Full Processing options are available.

35mm & 120 film (up to 6x12) (~40+ mp unprocessed)     $1/image

4"x5" film (~240mb 16-bit TIFF, unprocessed)                      $4/image

8"x10"film  (~240mb 16-bit TIFF, unprocessed)                    $6/image

Basic Processing (RAW or 16-bit TIFF)                                    Add $1.50/image

Full Processing (RAW or 16-bit TIFF)                                       Up to $6.00/image

All orders have a $25 minimum fee

Fine art & Print Reproduction

For the small two dimensional originals, often the easiest reproduction is via scanning, using a high-resolution Microteck Scanmaker i900. The provided files can by any standard image format, in 8 or 16 bit colour.


For artwork larger than 10"X16", and all three dimensional artwork, professional studio lighting and a digital camera (45mp resolution) are used to ensure the appropriate lighting and best colour reproduction are achieved. For images larger than 36" on the long side, a suitable space, at least 5m wide x 3m deep is required.


Copy images can be provided in any standard image format, in 8 or 16 bit colour. Typically email (800px), website (1280px), presentation (1920px)  and 10" print (3000px) sizes are provided along with full resolution versions of the images.


All digital reproduction uses the Xrite ColorChecker technology to ensure accurate colour reproduction.

Fine art And Photographic Print Digitization Services


Digital reproductions of Flat Artwork

Original up to 4"x6" (4 minimum)                                 $1.50

Original up to 9"x 16" (2D scan)                                    $5.00


On-Location Reproduction Services (Flat and 3D artwork)

On-site Set-up Fee                                                           $120.00

Up to 36"                                                                           $7.50

37" to 72"                                                                          $10.00

Larger than 72"                                                                By quotation

Mileage outside of Urban HRM                                     $0.80/km

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