Victoria, the Alberta Portfolio (1999)

Victoria, the Alberta Portfolio is my first body of work available as a portfolio set, and as such, marks the beginning of a new period in my photography. Made of images created over an eight day period in Southern Alberta during the summer of 1999, Victoria, the Alberta Portfolio presents a cohesive collection of imagery made with a single model over a short period of intense work, within a diverse and rich landscape. The Alberta Project, which cumulated in the issuing of this portfolio, was the result of almost two months of planning in advance, and six weeks of darkroom work upon my return to Nova Scotia.

Victoria, the Alberta Portfolio is made up of ten 8"x10" hand printed, archival processed and toned, fibre-based prints, each presented in an 11"x14" acid-free mat and enclosed as a group within an archival portfolio box. The Portfolio is sold out . The Portfolio was limited to an edition of 10, plus one model and one artist copy.

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© 1986-2020 by Eric Boutilier-Brown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


The morning after Victoria‘s arrival in Alberta, we began working. About 30 minutes from where we were staying was an outcrop of weathered rock, known as a hoodoo. After asking permission from the farmer who owned the land, Victoria and I walked up to the hoodoos and started working. What had looked like a small groups of brown-rock outcroppings turned out to be a wonderland of possibilities. In the end, the heat of the afternoon, and lack of water, ended the session.