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I am a Canadian photographer who lives and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A passionate creator, I have been involved with the arts since a very young age, mainly due to my mother’s career as an Arts Educator and artist.

With a career spanning from the film era to the current digital age, I have always had a love for making prints, originally in the darkroom, and today, using the finest in digital inkjet printers and papers. For me, an image is not finished until it is realized on paper.


Photographic Influences

Without a doubt, I would say that Edward Weston is my biggest influence. His work has always represented the highest ideal of visual aesthetics for me. Other influences would be Robert Mapplethorpe, Walker Evans, Fredrick Evans, and Alfred Steiglitz (more for his ideas and style, though I do enjoy his images as well).


More than anything though, I’d say my biggest influence would be the hundreds of photo books and magazines I’ve poured through over the years, both for the entertainment and the education they provided.

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