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Evolving Beauty: Miranda is an exhibition of fine art Nude photographs drawn from images of a single model created over a decade. It is the first time I have focused an exhibition of Nudes on a single subject. The show highlights how much an extended collaboration adds to my process, and shares some of the best images Miranda and I have made over more than a decade of working together (several images included in Evolving Beauty: Miranda were first exhibited in Evolving Beauty: New Brunswick and Evolving Beauty). The 19 page exhibition booklet is available for download.

Miranda and I first worked together late in the summer of 2001. Though she had no experience modeling (nude or otherwise), her body comfort and enthusiasm for the process and results was obvious. By early 2002, Miranda and I were working together frequently, cementing the foundation of a friendship and collaboration that continues to strengthen as time passes.

The advantages that long term collaborations bring are hard to quantify. It is not that it’s easier to work with a familiar subject; many first-time sessions lead to striking photographs. It is not that it’s easier to take creative risks; many of my biggest creative leaps have roots in experiments originating in setting and circumstance. The easiest way to describe the advantage is to focus on the connection created, a rapport based on trust, respect and a mutual drive to create which has strengthened and solidified over the years we have worked together. Without this, I doubt many of the images in this exhibition would ever have been made.

I live for my art and very much see the people I photograph as collaborators, participants in my creative process, as opposed to just the subjects. Without the generosity and commitment of people like Miranda, the work that defines me could not have been created.

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