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Technical Information

While aestetics are the most important element of a sucessful photograph, the techincal parts of the process are a crucial to making the strongest possible image. With a solid grounding in traditional film photography, and experiance with digital imaging starting back in 1995, the technical elements of photography are meticulously applied to my photography.

I first began experimenting with digital cameras in 2002, and purchased my first one in 2003. In 2005, I converted a digital SLR camera to be infrared sensitive, and quickly replaced all my film equipment with digital cameras.

My working process has been inextricably linked to the computer since 1995. The link between digital images and the computer is obvious, but even with film images, all cataloging and printing is now done in a digital darkroom.

From when I first started exploring photography in 1996 to when I completed my switch to digital in 2005, I used a wide range of film cameras, ranging from 35mm to 12"x20" view cameras.

Just as film images had to be processed, digital images require processing before use. For much of my work, this is only the start though, with numerous multi-image techniques being used in all facets of my work.

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