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Portfolios have been central to my photography since 1999. My first portfolio, focused on work created with a single model over eight days, was funded through advanced sales realized via crowdfunding (though that term wasn't used then). These who supported the Victoria, the Alberta Portfolio not only received the benefit of a reduced fee for the final portfolio, but also became intimately involved in the process, privy to viewing the full range of images produced in Alberta.

Creating that first portfolio was an eye-opener for me; working uninterrupted for an extended period with a keen, skilled model helped propel my creativity forward in a way I hadn't experienced before. Creating a new body of work in an environment focused on producing the best work possible was liberating, to say the least.

To celebrate thirty years of photography, I spent two weeks working with a model in the haunting ruins and rich landscape of the Republic of Ireland.

Released in 2007, Portfolio XX celebrates my first twenty years of photography, and when viewed with Portfolio XV, it presents a comprehensive overview of my first two decades of work.

Miranda, the New Brunswick Portfolio drawn from a body of work made over six days in July 2005, working with a single model, Miranda, in the landscape of New Brunswick, where I moved to in 2003.

Released in 2003, Portfolio XV celebrates fifteen years of my work with the Nude. A collection of black and white prints, Portfolio XV provides a survey of the best of my personal vision of the human body.

Released in 2001, Cassandra, the Nova Scotia Portfolio is my second finished body of work, the first being the Alberta Portfolio. The images in this portfolio were drawn from a body of work made over twelve days in July; working with a single model in the landscape I know best – the woods, shores and waters of Nova Scotia.

Victoria, the Alberta Portfolio is my first body of work available as a portfolio set, and as such, marks the beginning of a new period in my photography.

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