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One of the most challenging yet rewarding exercises in the arts is pulling together a body of work into an exhibition. The below shows represent the most coherent presentations of my work, stretching across many of the topics I've focused on over the years.  Whan an image appears in multiple exhibitions, I have removed it from later shows to avoid repetition.

Áilleacht Nádúrtha

Áilleacht Nádúrtha is a celebration of 30 years of photography, sharing images of a single model produced over two weeks of photography in the Republic of Ireland.

Adore is an exhibitions of Nudes of Couples, exploring the beauty of the intimacy between lovers.

Evolving Beauty:

Evolving Beauty: Miranda presents fine art nudes created with a single model over a decade.

in Stone

Symmetry in Stone focuses on images of eleven gothic cathedrals and abbeys in south-west England.

Memory of Water

Memory of Water is a collection of indoor and outdoor nudes focused on our essential connection to water.

Evolving Beauty

Evolving Beauty is a retrospective of my first twenty years of photography.


Simulacra is an exploration of the Nude, photographed in the studio upon a mirror.

The Light Beyond

The Light Beyond explores 21 years film and digital infrared photography.

Frozen Light

Frozen Light renews the viewer’s sensitivity to the beauty of flowers by changing the way they are viewed.

Evolving Beauty:
New Brunswick

Evolving Beauty: New Brunswick is an exhibition of work created over four years of photographing in the province.

Nothing Besides Remains

Nothing Besides Remains explores the remains of fortifications in both Halifax and New England.

Victoria, Alberta

Victoria, Alberta presents a body of work produced over 10 days, with a singple model in south-western Alberta.

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