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Skin on skin is the closest touch. The reverence evoked when we intimately connect to those who light flames in our hearts is the focus of Adore.


Adore presents nudes of couples, confident and comfortable before the camera: photographs celebrating the beauty of affection and intimacy. The images in the exhibition serve as mirrors to private moments, inviting the viewer to witness adoration, and to reflect upon what they see.



It is this invitation that makes these photographs different; these images were purpose-made to explore and celebrate their focus. In many ways, the photographs are performances, staged collaborations between the couples and me, enacted on cue for the lens, but they also echo and reflect something genuine, and provide a glimpse of the real connection between the models.


The images in Adore are a peripheral to my primary work with the Nude; I have never focused on working with couples, nor set out to create a body of work exploring intimacy. I have, however, over more than twenty five years, had the chance to work with some amazing couples, and the opportunity to make some really lovely images in the process.


Adore challenges the notion that images of lovers nude have to be sexually explicit; instead my photographs focus on the same celebration of beauty that flows through all my work with the Nude. At a time when issues surrounding sexting scandals, revenge porn and celebrity intimate photo theft seem to be daily news, holding an exhibition that celebrates the beauty of intimacy, of bodies touching, of love and sensuality seems almost absurd. The alternative, however, is to let the power of intimacy be forgotten, and be replaced by tabloid tantalization. I choose to celebrate the beauty of adoration.

The exhibition documentation is available for download.

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