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The Nude - Indoors

Images of the Nude taken indoors, with available light, studio flash, or candles.

The second time I photographed the Nude (in 1988), it was by candle-light; I was at the model's house late at night and suggested a session; she volunteered the candles, and the session began. To some degree, this is as minimal as my work gets; one model, usually one candle and the camera. Having a pinpoint light-source is not unusual in photography - the sun, after all, is a single light-source - but having one so close to the model and having the light from the candle wrap around the figure gives it a very specific look and appeal.

For the most part, I use the studio as a practice ground; in the winter, when I cannot work with the nude outdoors, it serves as a place to exercise my eyes and mind. No matter how successful my studio work might be, I often find it pales in comparison to my outdoor nudes.

A positive aspect of working indoors is that I often have the luxury of time, being able to compose and tweak an image to perfection. In the great outdoors, there are often other spaces and possibilities demanding my attention that promotes a quicker approach to imaging. The difference between working in the two spaces is a world apart for me.

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