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Portfolio XV (2003)

Released in 2003, Portfolio XV celebrates fifteen years of my work with the Nude. A collection of black and white prints, Portfolio XV provides a survey of the best of my personal vision of the human body. Portfolio XV is my third public portfolio offering. Unlike his first two offerings (Cassandra, the Nova Scotia Portfolio and Victoria, the Alberta Portfolio), Portfolio XV is a retrospective, drawn from fifteen years and thousands of images. As such, it represents the finest of my work with the Nude indoors and out.

This portfolio was also exhibited at ViewPoint Gallery in 2003.

Portfolio XV is made up of fifteen 8"x10" hand printed, archival processed and toned, fibre-based prints, each presented in an 11"x14" acid-free mat and enclosed as a group within an archival portfolio box. Portfolio XV is sold out . The Portfolio was limited to an edition of 15, plus one artist copy.

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