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Victoria, Alberta is an exhibition showcasing images made over an eight day period in South Western Alberta. Originally planned as a week of photography of a variety of models in the western landscape, plans quickly changed upon my arrival. After a hurried series of phone calls back to Halifax, a solution was found and Victoria, who’d worked with me in Nova Scotia, flew out to Alberta, to spend more than a week working with me in mountains, coulees, hoodoos and plains. The end result is one of the most focused bodies of work I have produced over the ten years since I began using a camera. Day after day I was challenged by the model and landscape to build upon the previous day’s work.

Drawn from images created over an eight-day period in Southern Alberta during the summer of 1999, Victoria. Alberta presents the ten images from the Victoria, the Alberta Portfolio along with an additional fifteen photographs selected specially for the exhibition. Where the images in the portfolio were selected by the portfolio patrons (without any context of the other images selected, or intent to have the images exhibited as a set), the additional photographs flesh out the project's results, and help tell a complete story of the first location-based body of work I produced.

This gallery only contains the additional fifteen images selected for the exhibition; the other ten photographs may be viewed on the Victoria, the Alberta Portfolio page.

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