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In the summer of 2016 I created a limited-edition portfolio to mark my thirtieth year of photography. Ingrid, the Ireland Portfolio, showcasing photographs celebrating the Nude, was created during two weeks of photography of long-term collaborator and model Ingrid in the sublime ruins and rich landscape of Ireland.

Áilleacht Nádúrtha (Irish: Beauty Unadorned) features the twelve images in Ingrid, the Ireland Portfolio, (titled in Irish) and twelve additional images selected by the Ingrid (titled in English).  The documentation for the exhibition is available for download.

This gallery only displays the twelve images selected by Ingrid; the other twelve can be viewed on the Ingrid, the Ireland Portfolio page.

Why the Nude?
The Nude has been central to my photography for twenty nine years; many other subjects have passed before my lens, but the human figure has been the single most common subject for my creativity. When considering how to celebrate thirty years of photography, a portfolio focusing on the Nude was the only way to go.

Why Ingrid?
When planning the Ireland portfolio, Ingrid was the most obvious collaborator/model to work with; we’ve worked together since 1998, and her passion for modelling is unrivaled. She has an incredible work ethic and sense of adventure, which was an important consideration given typical Irish weather.

Why Ireland?
In 2014, I spent three weeks photographing in Ireland and every day I encountered locations and environments that were perfect for photographing a model. As soon as I decided to create a new portfolio focused on the Nude, I knew it should be set in Ireland.

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