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Nothing Besides Remains is an exhibition that reveals my first love as a photographer; 19th and 20th century military architecture. Having grown up in a city steeped in more than 200 years of military history, it was the fortifications and ruins of the Halifax Defence Complex that were the first serious subject for my photography.

Even since I can remember, I have been fascinated with the ruins of the Halifax Harbour Defence Complex, which stretch between Fort Needham, on the north side of Halifax City, to Pennant Point, nine miles to the south. Since 1990, I have been photographing these historic remains, and through these photographs, have come to a better understanding of how I view the ruins, and their relationship to history.

I first visited the State of Maine during the summer of 1997 and had the opportunity to photograph Fort Knox, a 19th century fort located in central Maine. The New England Forts were built in response to the English presence in North America, specifically, to the large British naval station located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I find the American forts fascinating - they are reflections of the British defences in Nova Scotia, but because of the different philosophies and approaches to the technologies of the age, they are subtly different, and it is that difference which I find so fascinating. 

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