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Welcome! My name is Eric Boutilier-Brown, and I am a fine art photographer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada. This website presents a showcase of my work, through galleries, portfolios and exhibitions of images created since I started exploring photography in 1986. There is also a link to my Evolving Beauty Blog, with over 1,500 entries, chronicling my photographic journey since I started the blog in 1997.

Art often reveals the marvelous in the mundane, and this is I strives to do with my photography of the nude, offering the viewer insight into something undeniably familiar - the human body. Through my work focused on the nude, I hope to promote a positive and empowering view of the human body.

My work has always been rooted in meticulous technique; I am a ritualistic photographer who finds process both comforting and integral to my work. For me, photography is not something that just happens, it is something that must be fostered and nurtured, through dedicated attention and passionate practice.

Beside photographing the nude, other subjects I am drawn to are architecture, ranging from historic military fortifications to the beauty of medieval and gothic architecture, in both structures still in use, and the historic ruined castles, abbeys and monasteries scattered through the United Kingdom and Ireland.

My photography frequently takes advantage of advanced camera skills and post production processes to create incredibly detailed, nuanced images. I work with three kinds of images - black and white, colour, and images created with infrared light (with both film, until 2003, and now digital cameras).

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